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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – Does it work?


As most of you know, I am a real fitness junkie and I love to try out new fitness products. My latest “experiment” was with Lean Belly Breakthrough by Bruce Krahn. If you don’t know who Bruce is, he is a personal trainer and author who specializes in eradicating belly fat. Now, as a mother of four, this program immediately intrigued me so I decided to try it out for 60 days. For me personally, there is nothing sexier than a nice toned belly with some nice curves, so that is why I decided to try the program and write a Lean Belly Breakthrough review.

So what is the Lean Belly Breakthrough? Well, it is a program created by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrich. They created it specifically to target belly fat, and of course, it’s associated health risks. These risks include heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Being a fitness junkie, I pretty much try every single workout or health program on the market, to include diets. So according to the program, Dr. Heinrich actually demonstrated the 2-minute “ritual” that he created which actually resulted in a loss of 9 pounds of belly fat and 30 pounds in only 30 days. Usually I automatically assume that these results are exaggerated, but nevertheless, I decided to give it a go.

So, here is a general idea of Lean Belly Breakthrough

  • A list of good foods that help in getting rid of belly fat (No diet!)
  • A list of bad foods to stay away from
  • A list of desserts that are okay
  • An informational summary of heart risk signs
  • Heinrick’s technique to reduce excess fat from different parts of your body
  • A summary of nutrients from herbs, foods, and spices that affect those hormones accountable for storing fat.
  • A thorough description of how to make use of your “sleeping” metabolism.
  • Details on how to burn more fat in the same time frame.
  • Krahn’s successful “60-second Belly Shred” workout program and video
  • A precise outline of what you must do to solve the cause of belly fat
  • Tracking sheets to monitor your progress
  • A list of foods that increase your libido

The Positive

Between 1 and 5, I would rate this program a 4. In all actuality, the program is decent and it does work; however, it is not miraculous, you have to put in the work.

1) Credible and Knowledgeable
One thing that’s for sure is that Bruce Krahn is a very knowledgeable personal trainer. He has been a fitness mentor for 15+ years and has worked with numerous celebrities. The program is filled with meal plans that I thoroughly enjoyed. No radical diets were included with this program so that was a positive sign for me.

2) Simple to follow
This program is as simple as it gets and is very easy to do. All of the meals are delicious and also easy to make. The videos were extremely easy to follow along to.

3) It tackles the root of the problem
The difference between the Lean Belly Breakthrough and other fitness programs is that it provides long-term results. It’s not your typical overachiever-type workout program.

4) 60-day money back guarantee
What I especially loved about this program was that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so it allowed me to thoroughly review the program. At the end of the 60 days, I decided I was going to keep it. I lost a total of 17 pounds with this program and I liked this program so much that I decided to give it another go-around.

Lean Belly Breakthrough

The Not-So-Positive

1) Discipline
Ok, well a lot of us are kind of lazy when it comes to sticking to work out programs, and unfortunately, with this program, you are going to have to stick to it if you want results. Did I lose 17 pounds by trying it for two days and then skipping three days? No, of course not. If you want it to work, you need to be disciplined and have consistency.

2) It’s a digital program
In our modern times, it has become the norm that so many books, videos, and programs are digital, but not everyone appreciates this fact. Personally, I’m just here for the results, and the format doesn’t matter much.

My Results!

So I’ve gained some weight in my recent move, ugh! Fast food is so intriguing when you’re loading and unloading a house full of boxes. Moving is stressful folks, so I put on a few pounds. Anyway, I did this program religiously and the outcome was indeed positive. 17 pounds off and a total of 4 inches off of my waist! Not bad right?

Drum roll, please… ok the rating I give is:


(4 out of 5)

You can get this very program at an extremely discounted price since I am already a member. If you want to try it with a 25% discount, Click Here!

Once you’re done, let me know your results. Well, I’m off to try yet another fitness product!


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