Review of Nikon Coolpix L340: Is it Worth It?

Review of Nikon Coolpix L340 – Is it Worth It?


I tested the Nikon Coolpix L340, this is an excellent 20 mega pixel camera, with a very good 28x Zoom, and really very little color distortion around the edges, focus speed fairly quickly although the macro focus can sometimes be over 5 seconds, Its very user friendly compared to the previous and cheaper L330.


The lens has an OIS
The sensor takes great low light photos and videos
The autofocus speed (but macro autofocus is slow)
The ISO 80 to 400 produces very usable photos
Uses standard SD memory cards, I recommend a Class 10 from transcend


28x optical zoom produces moderate levels of chromatic aberration around the edges (when at 28x).
HD 1280×720 (720p) resolution, 1080p expected when most current smartphones are able to.
Very basic controls, (but might be just enough for most)
Above ISO 400 the noise increased in the images, they look sharper but with noticeably noise.

This camera uses 4 AA batteries, I particularly use the second gen Eneloop batteries from Panasonic, Out of a full charge I can get over 300 shots, the third gen is out I’m sure you might get more pictures out of them.

You cant go wrong with this camera, for the price you get a 20MP camera, 28X zoom and the convenience of using standard batteries and memories.

To read more reviews, or to get this camera at a discounted price, CLICK HERE


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